Prince of Wales Gold Mining Company, Sebastopol


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This stunning print shows the Prince of Wales Gold Mining Company in Sebastopol in brilliant detail. Originally lithographed by Herman Deutsch, ca. 1864, this image has been professionally retouched and enhanced to create a gorgeous high quality print.

Upper section shows the Prince of Wales mine site including poppet head, engine sheds and chimney. Middle section is the interior view of crushing battery and steam powered puddling machines. The bottom section shows a sectional view of underground workings. Names of shareholders and company statistics are displayed.

High quality, durable A1 print in a sleek satin finish. Large, 594 x 841 mm.

Our historical images and maps have been professionally retouched and enhanced, then styled as a matching set.

Our quality posters are printed on 100% recyclable, 200gsm synthetic paper made of highly durable polypropylene material. It is vastly superior to regular paper as it has excellent tear resistance, chemical resistance and UV resistance.

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