Murder and Mayhem on the Maryborough Goldfields


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Delve into the macabre past of the Maryborough goldfields and discover historical incidents of murder, mayhem, suicide, arson, armed conflicts, ghost hoaxing and more! This delightfully dreadful “Murder and Mayhem” print offers a gruesome glimpse into some of the many darker aspects of local history. Set on a historical goldfields map of Maryborough from the early twentieth century, this print displays a collection of grisly incidents which were reported in the newspapers between the late 1850s and early 1930s.

High quality, durable A1 print in a satin finish. Large, 594 x 841 mm.

Our quality posters are printed on 100% recyclable, 200gsm synthetic paper made of highly durable polypropylene material. It is vastly superior to regular paper as it has excellent tear resistance, chemical resistance and UV resistance.

Some locations have been approximately marked (for example, a murder at the Alma Diggings is simply marked as being at Alma). This map does not indicate the precise locations of the incidents described. This print is for Maryborough in Victoria, not Queensland.

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