About us

I have spent countless hours browsing the State and National Library catalogues, checking out historical goldfields maps. These old maps are simply fascinating, and are often rich in both technical and artistic detail. After a while I thought it would be easier if I compiled a list of direct links to these maps, as it was becoming tedious to go in and re-search / filter the extensive results in the library catalogues. I know there are are plenty of other people who love to check out old goldfields maps, and what began as a few directory-style articles on www.goldfieldsguide.com.au has evolved into Historical Gold Maps, this categorised and searchable website.

Historical Gold Maps is a directory of old Australian gold maps, available to view online for free. This  directory makes it easier to find historical goldfields maps for specific regions without having to sort through a large number of other maps (town allotment, roads, aerial survey, etc) in the State and National Library catalogues.

We continue to add maps to this website regularly, you can follow the Historical Gold Maps Facebook page for updates.