Castlemaine gold maps

Castlemaine gold map

One of the most famous goldfields of the Victorian gold rush, the renowned Forest Creek Diggings attracted thousands upon thousands of hopeful miners from all over the world! The rush here began in the latter part of 1851, and it was not long before the entire area was busy with diggers, tents, cradles and tin dishes, and seemingly endless ounces of gold were being obtained from the rich earth.

“The reports of large quantities of gold being found, have become so frequent, that it is now looked upon as quite common; but I think the present will throw all former ones in the shade. Yesterday a lump of pure, clean gold free from quartz, was obtained from the surface near Messrs. F-ntum & Edmiston’s new tent, weighing 60 ounces.” – The Argus, 29th November 1851

This page provides a directory of historical gold maps for Castlemaine, Victoria. All these maps are available to view online for free.

Castlemaine historical gold maps

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