Ballarat gold maps

Ballarat gold map
Not long after the exciting discoveries at Clunes and Buninyong, gold was discovered on Yuille’s Ballarat Station in August of 1851. John Dunlop and James Regan discovered gold at Poverty Point between the 20th and 24th of August, followed closely by Tom Brown’s discovery less than a mile away at Golden Point.
“Tradition has it that a man named Morrow, a carpenter at Geelong, was the only one who could give information as to where gold was likely to be found. His advice was very simple. He said ‘Wherever you find round gravel pebbles try for gold;’ and it was acting on that hint that the rapid succession of gold discoveries were made which had led the building up of Ballarat, and have had such an important effect upon the development of Victoria.” – The Ballarat Star, 28th August 1896.

Ballarat’s initial gold rush in 1851 focused on the rich surface alluvial gold deposits, where miners searched for gold in the gullies and surrounding shallow areas.


But it wasn’t long before skilled miners looked a little deeper, discovering the unfathomable wealth which lay waiting in the now famous deep leads below!

1852 onwards saw Ballarat leap into action! Miners excitedly discovered lead after lead, working in unimaginable conditions in hope of seizing the riches which lay deep beneath their feet.

This page provides a directory of historical gold maps for Ballarat, Victoria. All these maps are available to view online for free.

Ballarat historical gold maps

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