California gold maps

California gold region

California historical gold maps

1840s Californian gold maps

1848, Topographical sketch of the gold & quicksilver district of California

1849, Map of the gold regions of California

1849, Map of the emigrant road from Independence Mo. to St. Francisco, California

1849, Map of the United States, the British provinces, Mexico &c. showing the routes of the U.S. mail steam packets to California, and a plan of the Gold Region

1849, Gold und Quecksilber District von California

1850s Californian gold maps

1850, Map of the mining district of California

1850, Map of the gold region of California, taken from a recent survey

1851, Map of the mining district of California

1851, A new map of the gold region in California

1860s Californian gold maps

1866, Map of public surveys in California & Nevada : to accompany report of Commissioner of the General Land Office. Shows gold mines, along with silver, quicksilver, copper, tin, lead, coal, oil, salt.

1866, Official map of Amador County, California. Shows gold mines and mineral lodes.

1867, A new map of the States of California and Nevada, exhibiting the rivers, lakes, bays, and islands, with the principal towns, roads, railroads, and transit routes to the silver mining districts

1870s Californian gold maps

1875, View of the Panamint Range Mountains, mines, mills and town site ; Sherman Town, property of the Panamint Mining & Concentration Works

1877, Official map of the County of Butte, California. Shows hydraulic mines.

1877, Map of the County of Los Angeles, California

1900s Californian gold maps

1909?, County of Nevada, California. Shows drainage, ditches, mines and mineral resources.

Californian gold map collections

1840 – 1944, Maps of California – various subjects, mines and mineral districts. Over 30 maps in this collection.

1866 – 1878, Maps of California. 40 maps in this collection.

1877 – 1967, Maps of California. 11 maps in this collection.

1879 – 1891, Maps of California. 40 maps in this collection.